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Terms of Use for Bulk Website Page Speed Test

Welcome to Our Service!

We're glad you're here. By using our Bulk Website Page Speed Test (let's call it "the Service"), you're agreeing to these Terms of Use. If there's anything here that you don't agree with, then it's best not to use the Service.

What We Offer

The Service is all about giving you insights into how well web pages are performing. Just paste the URL, and we'll do the rest, showing you various speed and performance metrics.

Your Part in This

Intellectual Property

All the cool stuff you see in the Service (like content, tools, and data) belongs to us or someone who gave us permission to use it. Please don't use any of it without asking us first.

Our "As-Is" Policy

We provide this Service as-is. While we aim for the best, we can't make promises about the Service's perfection or uninterrupted availability.

Limiting Our Liability

Just a heads-up: We're not on the hook for any losses or damages connected to your use of the Service, as far as the law allows.

Changes on the Horizon

Sometimes we need to change these Terms. If we do, and you keep using the Service, that means you accept the new rules.

Governing Law

Our Terms play by the rules of our home jurisdiction's laws.

Got Questions?

We're here for you. If you have any questions about these Terms, just reach out to us at Erwin C. Salarda.

And Finally...

By using the Service, you're saying you understand and agree to these Terms. Thanks for reading and being part of our community!