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About Bulk Page Speed Test

Good day! I am Erwin C. Salarda, the developer of this simple tool. I created this web app because my personal blog, erwinsalarda.com, was suffering from core vitals problems that I couldn't manage to monitor. There are tools provided by Google, such as PageSpeed Insights, and other useful tools like GTmetrix | Website Performance Testing and Monitoring, and Pingdom Website Speed Test. However, these web speed tools have one thing in common: they only test one URL per request.

To make it easier to monitor the speed of multiple pages on my website, I decided to create a web application that can test multiple pages at once. So, here is the result of my efforts to overcome the monitoring challenges I faced - the Bulk Page Speed Test. This application uses the PageSpeed Insights API by Google to provide more accurate results.

I hope this simple tool will be helpful to you as well. God bless us all!